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Circuit Feedback Studies
Singuhr-editions no.3


7" vinyl 331/3
recording: Timour Klouche

texts: Markus Steffens/Dieter Van Dam/Gascia Ouzounian
pictures: Dahrio Lehner/Jeroen Vandesande
editors: Carsten Seiffarth/Markus Steffens/Jeroen Vandesande
published by Singuhr Editions

special thanks to Schering Stiftung/Heike Catherina Mertens/Robin Hayward/Derek Holzer/Jan Römer/Rob Feigel/Anouk Vercouter

Jeroen Vandesande & Machinefabriek
'Woeling' (2007)
250 copies
sold out

Woeling, a live recording made in Ghent by Rutger Zuydervelt with home studio noise voyager Jeroen Vandesande, is sullen and abrasive, with reedy drones and swathes of white noise rising and receding over rumbling sub-bass frequencies of genuine potency. It's accompanied by a remix from Australian born, Iceland based artist Ben Frost, whose recent Theory Of Machines album was characterised by a similarly ragged grandeur. Here he chops and disrupts, offering malfunctioning channels and spasms of distortion.
– Wire

listen to 'Woeling' track 1: